Earthflower Ethos

The Earthflower Therapies ethos is guided by Buddhists beliefs and teachings, which uphold the importance of developing of love, compassion and mindfulness. Such teachings find a natural home within many complementary therapy treatments; what better way to develop positive feelings towards ourselves and others than through giving and receiving massage?

Treading lightly on the earth is a much-quoted saying that is becoming increasingly significant to many of us today. It can be far easier to say than do, however in an effort to make my footsteps a little lighter and to provide clients with the best possible service Earthflower Therapies only uses essential and base oils which are certified organic and sourced from high quality suppliers. I endeavour not to use oils from plants which are deemed to be threatened or endangered, such as sandalwood (Santalum album) or Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica / deodora) essential oils (see Useful Links for more information). All Earthflower Therapy stationary, including gift vouchers, is recycled.

‘Developing love and compassion is not an emotional luxury.
It is a question of survival’
His Holiness, the IV Dalai Lama