Useful Links

Professional Bodies and Training

The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA)
The largest professional body of aromatherapists in the UK – and my professional body. Use their ‘Find a therapist’ function to find an aromatherapist where you live.

The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA)
One of the leading aromatherapy colleges where I trained and now teach. ITHMA is accredited by the IFPA and the Institute Principal is Gabriel Mojay, a leading authority in the world of aromatherapy and oriental medicine.

The school where I have done intensive massage training. I am a member of the NO HANDS® MASSAGE Association. Use their ‘Find a Practitioner’ function to find a NO HANDS® MASSAGE therapist where you live.

Take a look at my own NO HANDS® MASSAGE website

Essential Oils

There are several excellent essential oil retailers in the UK. My main supplier is Materia Aromatica who sell exceptionally high quality oils and other aromatherapy products.

The main aim of the Aromatherapy Trade Council is to regulate the safety of aromatherapy products in the UK. Many of our top aromatherapy retailers (including Materia Aromatica) are ATC members and adhere to their safety criteria. ATC members are listed on this website.


Threatened Species
For the past 40 years The International Union for Conservation of Nature has been assessing the conservation status of plant and animal species. The simple search facility on their RED LIST website is an easy way to check that the essential oils you buy are not extracted from plants considered to be at risk. This is particularly relevant for wood oils such as cedarwood, sandalwood and rosewood.

Stationary: Paperback
An employee-owned cooperative in East London who specialise in recycled paper. I buy beautiful paper for my leaflets and gift vouchers from here.

Stationary: Green Stationary Company
Suppliers of many office recycled products, where I buy printer paper, envelopes, files, sticky labels and more.

Lots of information about these fascinating, ancient symbols.


Cara Trust
The Cara Trust is a charity offering support and friendship to people living with or affected by HIV / AIDS. They run a comprehensive complementary therapy service – treatments are free to Cara users. All bookings are via the Cara office.

My head shot on the ‘about the therapist’ page was taken by Nicky Adams, a fantastic photographer who knows how to put her subjects totally at ease. All other photos on this site were taken by me. If you should happen to want to use them you are very welcome to do so, though of course it would be lovely if you’d let me know.


‘There is but one temple
In this universe
And that is the human body
We touch heaven
When we lay our hands on it’
Novalis (Baron Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg), (1772-1801)