Workshops and Teaching

I am an experienced massage and aromatherapy tutor, teaching at the ITHMA in London under internationally respected Gabriel Mojay, and previously at Raworth College in Dorking. I also lead informal and fun massage workshops at festivals every summer.

Massage Made Easy workshops are a great way to learn simple techniques to try on your friends and family – everyone can massage, so why not discover how good you are? Or perhaps you’d prefer an Aromatherapy Taster workshop? Enjoy an introduction to the fascinating world of essential oils and medicinal plants. Learn how to use essential oils safely on yourself and those you love and take home a homemade face cream or bath oil. Workshops are informal, fun and a great way introduce aromatherapy and / or massage into your life.

Workshops are arranged, on request, for groups of 5 or more and tailored to what you would like to learn. One-to-one massage teaching is also available. Please contact me for more details about teaching and workshops.



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If you have any questions about the treatments I offer, or if you would like to discuss which therapy may suit you best, please phone or email me.